Roadmap of Kuki Baptist Convention (I)



1. Vision (where we want to be);

2. Mission (Our fundamental reason for being);

3. Core Values (how we will be together);

4. Strategic Plan (how we fulfill our reasons for being into the future);

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To make disciples of Jesus Christ


Vision: We proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all persons by

  Seeking, welcoming and gathering them into the body of Christ.

  Leading them to commit their lives to God.

  Teaching and nurturing them in Christian living.

  Sending them into the world to live lovingly and passionately as Christs disciples.


Core Values:

1.      Express the love of Christ through ministries of compassion

2.      Evangelism/proclaiming the good news of Christ;

3.      Glorifying God through Passionate Worship

4.      Developing strong leaders

5.      Expanding Connections through technology and communication



Using the proposed Mission, Vision and Value statements as our guide, the KBC recommends pursuing the plan outlined below. The short-term recommendations are specific. Because of the lack of certainty associated with predicting future needs and trends, the medium- and long-term recommendations are stated in broader terms.


Short-Term Goals (2019-2020) Feb Jan.

Medium-Term Goals (2021-2024)

Long-Term Goals (2025-2032)

Spiritual Renewal:

  1. Conduct spiritual renewal weekend
  2. Conduct regional conference as Purpose renewal event
  3. Participate in community-wide evangelism event

Spiritual Renewal:

1.      Continue the short term range goals

2.      Conduct discipleship training

3.      Organise leadership workshop


Spiritual Renewal:

1.      Continue the short and medium term range goals

2.      Introduce new programmes


Compassionate Ministries:

  1. Plan for an medical and educational ministry through a chaplain, to be assisted by Centre and Gb Pastors;
  2. Plan for feasibility of a mobile clinic
  3. Care of widow destitute, orphans, etc. What and How?


Compassionate Ministries:

1.      Continue the short term range goals

2.      Plan for educational ministry in the capital city of Imphal to be assisted by Centre and Gb Pastors;

3.      Form and sponsor Self-Help groups for young girls in rural areas

4.      Plan for a home for street children? Drug addicts? CSWs?

Compassionate Ministries:

1.      Continue the short and medium term range goals

2.      Expand ministry to compassionate action for youths and victims of HIV/AIDS, Commercial Sex Workers, etc;




1.      Staff for office immediately needed are: Chaplain for hospital ministry; and Chaplain for educational ministry and driver for Ambulance

2.      Provide necessary funding to compensate current staff appropriately


1.      Additional Staff required for office PA to Administrator (, office Superintendant, trained development coordinator, etc.

2.      Additional medical personnels such as one doctor and 2 nurses for field visits and 5 nurses for rural hospitals

3.      Provide necessary funding to compensate current staff appropriately


1.      Additional Staff required for

2.      Additional Pastors needed are

3.      Additional Evangelists needed are

4.      Missionaries in Myanmar, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

5.      Provide necessary funding to compensate current staff appropriately



1.      Purchase of Plot for Staff Quarters @ Langmaiching? (2018-2020)

2.      Purchase of plot identified by the site evaluation for CRC (2019)

3.      Construction of fencing @ CRC (2019)

4.      Complete quarter for one staff (

5.      Purchase of 1 vehicle (for GS present one to be used by Finance deptt. For financial campaign or Mobile Clinic)


1.      Dismantling of present office Bldg and construct a new modern office in its place? (Start by 2020)

2.      Pursue acquiring of site at Moreh through government channel (Wild life)

3.      Construction of 4 Staff Quarters at KBC Campus (2 storey)


1.      One Bus/Canter for office uses

2.      Purchase a plot/site at Guwahati or Shillong for branch office of the KBC

3.      Mission Centres at different cities wherever necessary and urgent

Medical Mission:

1.      Start Mobile Clinic

2.      Prepare charts of Kuki doctors and nurses for field visit to the hills twice a month

3.      Cooperate with State govt. for free medical camp and purchase of medicines

4.      Weekly visits to interior places in Sita, Joupi, Sugnu, Tingkai, Chahsad, and Saikul areas on a weekly basis

5.      Training of first aid and basic health knowledge to area pastors and health workers

6.      Depute boys and girls for ANM/GNM courses at Baptist run hospitals in India

7.      Network with CMAI and Glocal Healthcare

Medical Mission:

1.      Continue the short term goals

2.      Engage 1 more doctor and 2 more nurses;

3.      Set up temporary health clinics at Sita, Joupi, Sugnu, Chahsad and Tingkai

4.      Upgrade facilities in the rural hospitals/health clinics;

5.      Continue awareness training on first aid and health issues;

6.      Continue field visits of mobile clinic;

7.      Sponsor candidates for MBBS/B.Sc Nursing in Baptist hospitals in India

8.      Have MOU with well known hospitals such as JN/RIMS for emergency treatments


Medical Mission:

1.    Continue the short and medium term goals;

2.    Continue the mobile ministry;

3.    Upgrade facility of mobile clinic such as machines;

4.    Upgrade of rural hospital to a full-fledged hospital;

5.    One more advanced vehicle for mobile clinic;

6.    Appoint 5 nurses for 5 health clinics for strategic locations;




Education & Literacy:

1.      Conduct educational survey that direly need educational facility for primary, secondary schools and Christian colleges

2.      Support for existing institutions @ Kanggui Christian College and Dr. Colvin Academy

3.      Plan for a second school at Leimakhong, Khangbarol/Joupi/Sugnu & Chahsad?

Education Facility:

1.      Start primary schools in strategic and highly needy areas (To be identified)

2.      Start secondary schools at Leimakhong, Khangbarol, and Chahsad;

3.      Model school-cum-teachers training centre at Moreh & Leimakhong


Education Facility:

1.      Upgrade facilities at the schools and colleges

2.      Vehicles for Secondary Schools and Colleges

3.      Start Christian Colleges at Moreh and Sugnu from 2025 onwards with residential and co-educational facilities

Church Building:

1.      Site survey for church building in strategic areas;

2.      Purchase of plot for church buildings and office space at Joupi, Sugnu, etc.

3.      Form building committee for planning

Church Building:

1.      Construction or assistance for church buildings and office space at strategic places such as Sugnu, Joupi and Chahsad area;

2.      Form building committees for these places

Church Building:

1.      Construction of church buildings and office space at ..

2.      Expand media-based ministries (e.g. full production studio)

3.      Improve


Evangelising Mission

1.      Continue existing mission work

2.      Conduct mission Survey for prospective mission fields at Myanmar, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

3.      Seek partnership with other mission organizations

Evangelising Mission

1.      Continue the short term range goals

2.      Make a Survey of evangelistic opportunities in neighbouring states

Evangelising Mission

1.      Continue the short and medium term range goals

2.      Introduce new mission fields

Leadership Development:

1.      STS to offer non-degree courses for training of lay leaders, discipleship, evangelists, missionaries, etc. with high efficiency

2.      Sponsor candidates for BD and M.Th studies under the SSC/ATA

3.      Reform/Rejuvenate Kanggui Christian College

Leadership Development:

1.         Depute existing pastors for Pastors

2.         Refresher Courses in theological Colleges

3.         Conduct leadership workshops and Bible study seminars


Leadership Development:

1.      Sponsor candidates for BD/M.Th/D.Th studies under the Senate of Serampore College

2.      Depute existing pastors for Pastors Refresher Courses in theological Colleges

Music Ministry

1.        Form a strong Music Committee (2018)

2.        Comm to train Choir members (2018)

3.        Choir members to commit for 4 yrs

4.        Choir members to visit all Gambih Centres and Centre Churches (2019)

5.        Choir members to visit other church orgns in Manipur (2019)

Music Ministry

1.                                            1. Choir members to visit Indian Cities (2019)

2.                                            2. Choir members to visit foreign lands (2020)

3.                                            3. New Choir members to be selected who will commit for 4 yrs

4.                                            4. Continue the short term goals

Music Ministry

1.        Continue the short and long term goals